Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Super Dad

A few weeks ago we hosted Music Morning at our house. It was just a little get together for my stay-at-home moms group, a chance for the kids to look at, hear, and try out instruments. We had a good turnout of both kids and instruments, including a tenor sax, and alto sax, a piano, a violin, a guitar, a dulcimer, a clarinet, and various percussion instruments. Everyone seemed to have a good time, and after it was over we all ate lunch in shifts around the kitchen table.

After awhile I noticed that Jay and several of the kids disappeared, so I went on a little hunt and this was what I found:
He's either brave or crazy to start up a game of Candyland with four kids (one had left by the time the picture was taken) between the ages of two and four. It didn't last very long, but at the same time no one got hurt, so I guess it was a success. Here's to Superdad!


Jenny said...

You should definitely refer Jay to Tim's recent blog about the rules of Candyland according to our boys: http://newpics.org/tim

martha said...

A little boy recently explained to me (very patiently, as it seems I am thick-headed about such things) that SORRY! is a much, much more complicated board game than Monopoly.