Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Stay Tuned

I have completed the next step on my quest to take over Jackson.

The YMCA pays for a spot on Good Morning West Tennessee every Monday morning. Because my beloved 6:00 a.m. aerobics instructor also happens to be the Marketing Director for the Y, she asked me to appear on the spot last Monday morning to share my success story. It was all of two minutes, I guess, but I managed to plug the Lose to Win program, the Y's website, and the upcoming FatBurner contest, so my beloved aerobics instructor was quite proud. When I went to work out later in the day the woman who works at the desk told me that Amber had dragged the whole class (I would have normally been in her Boot Camp class had I not been asked to share my celebrity with all of West Tennessee) down to the fitness center to watch. A message that I received later from Amber, which was full of energy to say the least, led me to believe that the entire fitness center erupted in applause when I finished. I'm not so naive as so believe that was the case, but Amber now insists that I will just have to go back to the show in the future.

Next stop! Radio!


martha said...

You and your high society, celebrity ways! Sheesh!

HP said...

Wow! With all this celebrity you're going to need an agent!