Wednesday, November 12, 2008

14 Years Ago Today ...

...Jay and I met, and we've been together ever since.

It was the day of the Monon Bell football game and DePauw had lost, so spirits were a little low at good old DPU. I was studying with my friend Kristin when she reminded me that another sorority sister, Allison, was bringing her boyfriend and some of his friends to campus that day to rollerblade. Neither of us had met the boy and we were anxious to do so. Soon we heard a commotion on the front lawn of the sorority house and, what do you know, it was Allison's boyfriend and his friends, all students from Rose-Hulman.

We went outside and allowed ourselves to be introduced to the mystery men, then sat down on the curb to visit for a minute. The day was chilly and Kristin and I soon decided to head inside. Kristin stood up first and I held up my arms in a "help me up" gesture. Kristin took one of my hands, but before she had a chance to take the other, one of the skaters took it instead and hoisted me to my feet.

Kristin and I had only been inside for a few minutes when we heard footsteps running down the hall. Allison called my name and burst into the room where Kristin and I were studying.

"Do you want to go on a date tonight?" she asked.

"Which one?" I replied.

"Jay," she said.

"The tall one?" I inquired.


"The readhead?"


"Then I don't remember. Is he nice?"






"Sure, I'll go."

The boys went back to Rose-Hulman to shower and change, and then returned to DePauw. Our evening consisted of Marvin's, watching Tombstone at the house, and attending a drunken blowout at one of the fraternity houses. It was early in the morning when they finally left, and I was happy. That Jay guy was really sweet and we had a wonderful time. He said he'd call. Normally I would have been skeptical, but somehow I knew he would. And he did. And we went out again. And again. And we just kept going out. And then we fell in love. And here we are.


Anna said...

Congrats on all on the many years of happiness. Hard to believe it was 14 years ago. I mean you're still just 17, right?

Hope you have a great day of celebration.

Kel Bel said...

awwwwww. you guys do have a great story :)

HP said...

14 years!! Impressive!

Your post though got me hunkering for a garlic cheeseburger!! I had one just once when I visited in high school....but mmmmm, the memories!