Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Little Worked Up

I'm trying to be "cool mom," but I'm sending my boys to Chicago tomorrow and I'm a little undone about it. Jay decided that he wanted to take Joshua for a weekend in Chicago, just for fun. And I'm sure that Joshua will have a great time. But I've only ever spent one night away from him. It was the night that I was in the hospital after having Clare, and even then I only went 24 hours without seeing him.

I'll admit, every time I think about him going away, I get a little weepy. Seriously. For the last three years I haven't spent more than 24 hours without him. You get pretty attached to someone when you spend that much time with them.

Then there's the fact that I'm going to have to feed Clare and I. I'm pretty good at cooking for four. But 1 1/2? Really? Fortunately for us, Jay is a dream and is making us three mornings worth of hard-boiled eggs and breakfast breads before he leaves. I guess we'll scrounge something up for dinner and survive.

But I'm going to miss my sweet baby boy. Lots.


Jenny said...

Tim and Mark went on a trip to South Dakota last year (just after Mark's third birthday) for several days. They had a blast. Mark still talks about it.
Joshua will be so thrilled about some time with just Daddy. :)

Kat E said...

They'll be back before you know it! I'm on my way out of town myself...luckily I will be gone less than 48 hours but it's still tough.

Seriously, what is up with Jay and the cooking? Are you sure he's not some sort of cyborg husband?