Monday, November 24, 2008


My boys got back home way past bedtime last night and Joshua, who rarely sleeps past 7:00, stayed in his coma until 9:30 this morning. Today he's been especially creative (and cranky) and entertained me for 20+ minutes by strumming his imaginary guitar and singing lots of songs. We've run the gamut from "This Old Man" to "The Lamp Song," which he asked me to sing while he strummed. There is no "lamp song," of course, but he seemed happy with the words I came up with. He's even been singing his playschool songs which have been heretofore kept secret from us. I don't know if it was a bump on his head or a pressurized cabin, but the kid is oozing with fun.

According to both Joshua and Jay, it was a wonderful trip. They ate great food and reconnected with old friends. They slept in a big, big, big, big, big bed in a nice ho-tay-yel and rode lots of trains and buses. We're going to have to work harder to explain "vacation" to Joshua because I think he was pretty disappointed this his time in Chicago came to an end. It's just shown us how important it is for each of the kids to have "special time" with each of us, and how wonderful it is to give them experiences that they can't even imagine.

Next stop, Germany! Coming Summer 2009!


Kat E said...

So glad he had a good time! I'm jealous that you're going to Germany...what city(ies)??

HP said...

A vacation can put anyone in a fun mood!! Glad to hear they had fun!