Tuesday, November 04, 2008

What A Night!

My children and their peers will never be able to remember a time when this country didn't have a black president. I am hopeful.


Kel Bel said...

Well said. It is truly is a different world. Even the angry Republican who advised me that "the honeymoon would be short" and "there won't be any real change" couldn't ruin my happiness. It sounds trite but my faith in the American people has been restored!

Anonymous said...

I am truly excited about this point. Now maybe we can get closer to the time when we do not see the color of the skin at all.

Kat E said...

I think the generation that is growing up now will be so much different. I read something the other day about some kids who said to their parents about the election "why are you making such a big deal about a black president--that's racist. Why should you care if he's black or not?" Obviously their view ignores the historical perspective but I think it's refreshing to see that so many kids today just aren't going to grow up thinking that differences in skin color are any different than variations in hair color.