Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Birthday Party

Today was Joshua's fourth birthday party, and boy were we ever lucky. Joshua had invited four friends whose families would also be coming, of course, and the weather was unbelievable. The temperature was perfect, the sun was was great. That was a good thing since 24 people would have never fit into my house.
So we played outside, went on a scavenger hunt, ate good food, exchanged books, opened a few presents for Joshua, and had some cake. The best part was being surrounded by my village. The friends that Joshua chose were his friends whose parents are also good friends of Jay's and mine. They are the people whose children are precious to us and with whom we were trust our own children in a heartbeat. And of course my parents and Jay's parents were here too, which made everything as perfect as it could possibly be.
It was one of those days when I look around and wonder how I lucked out like this. How I got friends as good as these who love my children and whose children are precious to me. I trust them and love them, and their company is always good for whatever state my soul is in. I had a minute here and there to take it all in and it was good. And Joshua might've had some fun too.
This is the tree cake that Joshua requested, by the way. Why? We don't know. When asked what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday he said, "A tree cake." And there you have it.
The birthday boy's most treasured present.


Anna said...

I love it! The tree cake is awesome! And what 4 year old boy doesn't deserve a bike! Priceless! Tell me more on "exchanged books", I'm very intrigued.

Happy Birthday Joshua!

Mary Beth said...

Instead of bringing presents to the birthday boy, we asked everyone to bring their favorite book wrapped but not labeled. Then we toss all the books in the middle. Birthday boy chooses first, and then we let everyone else choose in order of age. No birthday presents to worry about and everyone leaves with something!

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