Monday, November 09, 2009

A Job and a Calling (Part I)

It only took several months after we moved here to realize just how much the change from two incomes to one would affect our monthly budget, so I decided to pursue some freelance editing work. I would never dare call myself an Editor because there are people out there who really are Editors and I am just a poser. But I found out soon enough that there was pocket change to be made from my self-honed skills. So I have been doing freelance editing--and some writing--since January 2007. Some of it is really fun and some is tedious, but the spare cash has always been enough of a motivator to stick with it. For example, right now I am working for an HR firm and have been editing research reports. And most recently I edited the script for an eLearning course that they're getting ready to release. Like I said, some of it is really interesting.

And as my Family Leave is drawing to a close (I have 1.5 years left) and I'm thinking about what my children's educational future will look like (home school? private school? public school?), my thoughts obviously turn to my future employment. Return to the local church part time? Full time? Find another job altogether where I can have summers off like Jay does? Stick with the freelance work and hope I can get enough business to make a significant impact on our household income? I've also thought about things like teaching Kindermusik or private piano lessons. Really, there's not much I haven't considered.

The thought of doing freelance editing forever makes me feel wilty and uninspired. Most other options remind me of how lazy I am and how willing I am to sit and do nothing as an alternative to doing something that would require lots of effort but that doesn't really interest me.

And then my District Superintendent left a voicemail message. When I first heard her I thought she might just be asking me to fill in for a pastor for one Sunday, but then she said she had an interim opportunity until January.

That's when I surprised even myself.

I considered it.

As I look back on it now, I realize how odd it was for me to want to know more. Even now I wonder why I didn't dismiss it outright, thinking that it wasn't the right time. That I was even interested in hearing more is still dumbfounding. And yet I didn't dismiss it. I even got a little flutter in my stomach. I wanted to call her back right then, but it was late, and I thought maybe I could wait until morning.

I planned to wait until early afternoon the next day, but when I got up I realized I couldn't wait. So I begged Joshua and Clare to play quietly together while I called her back. They did. I did. I got the details from my DS and got more and more excited. So what that it was a two-point charge? So what that it was an hour away? So what that it was in a town I couldn't even find on a map?

I called Jay and asked him to meet me while Joshua was at Kindermusik. In my mind it was a done deal. The only issue I needed to resolve for myself was whether it would require outside childcare. Outside childcare would be a deal-breaker, but if Jay and I could arrange our schedules so that it wasn't necessary, then I was ready to go.

I'm still amazed by the fact that I was so energized by the prospect when every other job prospect, real or potential, made me feel tired and lazy. I'm still surprised that I didn't immediately think, "No way." It still doesn't make sense.

More tomorrow.

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