Sunday, November 01, 2009


I decided to participate in NaBloPoMo this month in an effort to get back into the blogging habit. It's harder than ever to motivate myself to blog now that I also write a sermon every week. And now November 1st is almost over and I just remembered that I need to post that I might not fall off the wagon on the first day. Tomorrow I'll share the story of how I ended up with two princesses for Halloween, but for now, here they are:


Anonymous said...

where are you preaching now?

Jenny said...

And how did the princess costumes go over? Was J happy to have gotten to be what he wanted? Were people weird? He looks cute. Of course.

Mary Beth said...

Joshua was really happy with his dress, although his initial complaint was that it didn't have enough bows. So Gran sent the ribbon and we added more. He was a little disappointed that some people thought he was a king, which was the impression I think he made with the crown, but he really loved dancing in his dress.

No one was weird that I noticed, so his little psyche seems to be intact.