Thursday, November 05, 2009

An Unintended Sabbath

Everything was going quite swimmingly this morning until I began--or tried to begin--my return trip home from the Y. I turned the key in my car and heard...nothing. Not even a click. I assumed that I had left a light on and run the battery down, but the solution was not to be so simple--or cheap. I called Jay, who had to take a break from making breakfast, put shoes on pajama-clad children, and drive over to the Y. He tried to jumpstart the car, but the battery wasn't dead. We headed home.

We survived the day with very little trouble, actually. Jay took Joshua to playschool and got the car towed to the dealer while Clare and I had a relaxing morning at home--definitely not our usual Thursday morning routine. Then Jay picked up Joshua from school and brought him home. Then we waited. I don't drive a standard, so I couldn't swap cars with Jay for work. And so we waited.

Fortunately, I didn't have any big plans for church. I was really just going to work in the office, so I didn't miss too much. But it took me half the day to finally be OK with not going. I'm a little A/R when it comes to my schedule, so not going to work didn't feel very good. And, honestly, my little commute has turned into a happy Sabbath itself. I've discovered that it's quite easy to carry the carafe of my new coffee maker in the car with me, so lately I've been sipping my joe while listening to the audio version of Harry Potter. It was recommended by a friend and it's quite delightful.

So I stayed home and worked on other things and hung out with Clare and, amazingly enough, didn't keel over and die because my schedule was off-kilter today. Don't tell, but I might have actually enjoyed it. Just a little. Imagine that.

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