Saturday, November 04, 2006

Feeling Blue in a Red State

Just when I thought I had figured out who to vote for on Tuesday, Jonathan had to go and post about Chris Lugo, the Green Party candidate whom I didn't even know was running.

Life was much easier when Obama was one of my options.


TLS said...

I understand the urge to vote for a Green Party candidate. Here in MA I have heard some less than ideal things about Ford.

However, now is not the time. The TN seat is one that could go Democratic. While Ford himself may not be perfect, he will play by party lines and that means protecting some very important values around environmentalism, social security, the war in Iraq, etc.

If you vote for the Green candidtae, consider it a vote for Corker. There is no way the Green party candidate will win. Let's be realistic.

Is winning everything? Is winning more important than idealism? This year the answer is yes.

These elections are too tight to risk electing a conservative republican.

jga said...

Think of it not as a vote for someone, but as a vote against Corker and the rubber stamp he holds for Bush.

We liberals, progressives and radicals should have learned our --very hard, brutally hard, it will take a generation to get over, still puts bile in my belly-- awful lesson of Nader.

True, were just voting for one set of corporate cronies over another, but at least it won't be our Theocratic Hegemon's buddies.

Jenny said...

I just have to say that without regards to party/political views/anything else, a vote for Obama was also just a vote for downright cute. Okay. One should have more depth than that. But that smile just couldn't lie, right????

Jennifer said...

I agree with TLS. My plan on Tuesday is vote for whomever is not the incumbent.

Anonymous said...

Montana is another Red State with a crooked Bush crony in the senate race. Two years ago, we elected a Dem Governor, and that governor is now giving all his weight to the Dem Senate candidate, Tester. I'm hoping that Montana will continue to turn purple, and eventually Blue.

gavin richardson said...

i got confused by that one too.

erica said...

I feel for you--I still get to vote for Obama, but I just moved from the city to Hastert-land.

I was tempted by a green party guy in our gubernatorial, but on my way to the polls decided I was so disgusted with the Republicans that I voted straight Democrat.