Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today I am thankful that this Thanksgiving is not last Thanksgiving.

Last Thanksgiving Joshua was eleven days old. I was miserably sleep-deprived. I still had raging hormones coursing through my body. I was wondering if I shouldn't just give this squirming, screaming ball of baby away to someone made of better stuff than I. My dad, God love him, had driven up from Nashville to spend the holiday with us. He probably spent the whole time wondering what had happened to his happy, chatty, cheerful daughter and if she would ever come back to replace this hollow, lifeless, shell of a person who had taken up residence on the living room couch.

The only thing I remember about Thanksgiving dinner is that I ate about three bites while trying desperately to nurse Joshua. I chewed as quietly as possible so I could hear whether he was actually swallowing anything or just pacifying himself. Not that it mattered, of course, so long as he was quiet.

Both my mom and dad had reassured me that "this time next year he'll be sitting at the table eating turkey and mashed potatoes." It didn't matter. I couldn't see past the next month of writing ordination papers while trying to soothe this poor guy who would be happy to sit down by himself for about, oh, fifteen seconds before demanding to be picked up again.

Right now he just woke up after twelve hours of good sleep. He just finished "helping" Jay fix breakfast by pulling everything out of the kitchen cabinets and now he's playing in the living room with my dad. This afternoon we'll enjoy our Thanksgiving lamb and Saturday we'll do it all over again with my mom's family in Nashville.

I'm so thankful.


Jennifer said...

Good stuff to be thankful for. Hope you all had a fabulous holiday.

TLS said...

Sounds like a wonderful holiday weekend. To think, a free Sunday!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ruth said...

Hello again!

This post just brings all those memories flooding back - both of my children were born near enough to Christmas to reduce that celebration to a 24 hour nursing fest for me!! (Actually my son was born in Oct, but we were still battling to get to grips with breast-feeding 3 months later - got there in the end!!!)

Those early days are very difficult - esp. with the first baby and esp. (I guess) if you are breast-feeding - I assume it's easier if you're bottle feeding but I might be wrong there...

Sorry I've not been around for a while - I've been very busy and then messed my blog up so I couldn't comment....