Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Halloween!

I would have uploaded this last night but Blogger was being cranky.

My dad and I have a long history of pumpkin carving together that I wanted to carry on for Joshua. Every year my dad and I picked out a pumpkin together and came up with a design. (There was usually very little variation other than how many teeth to include). Then I would clean out the guts and he would carve. We even did it last year when he was visiting for my baby shower!

This is my first time trying my hand at it all by myself, as gut-cleaner-outer, designer, and carver. I don't think it's half bad for my first time.

You can get a better view at Josh's blog.


Anonymous said...

Excellent work. Mine always came out lopsided, so I would just pretend I meant to do it that way.

Jennifer said...

Good for you! Would you believe I didn't carve any pumpkins this year? Too many other things going on.

Ruth said...

That is impressive.

We don't do hallowe'en in the UK - or, at least, we didn't until about three years ago when the supermakets suddenly saw pound-signs infront of their eyes at the thought of it - and now "we do".

Whilst I still don't do Hallowe'en, simply because we never have and I wouldn't really know how to, I did wander past the mountains of pumpkins in the shops(that are now on offer at half price) and consider whether I might have the ability to carve a face out of one!!! I think I'd struggle.