Monday, November 27, 2006

Still Not Quite Thinking Like a Parent

We had an eat-in area in our kitchen in Joliet. We never furnished it because it was the perfect place to drop the baby and his gear everytime we walked in the door. A little dinette set would have completely cramped our style.

Our new house has an eat-in kitchen, too, and the decision to furnish it was easy. Joshua quickly mastered the art of flinging sweet potatoes and other brightly-colored foods past the boundaries of his gigantic Spongebob Squarepants underneath-the-high-chair-food-catching-tarp and onto the carpet in the dining room. A whole can of Spot Shot later and we decided that we needed to eat our meals on tile rather than on carpet.

So Joshua and I set out on our new find an inexpensive yet stylish dinette for our eat-in area. We hit several furniture stores in town and quickly discovered that you are no one unless you have a "pub table" in your kitchen. It took me a while to get used to the pub table idea but then I was sold, and it wasn't long before Joshua and I found the perfect one. It was a four-top round pub table, but the chairs weren't so high as to cause my feet to dangle. I tried to think of how Joshua would manage once he was old enough to climb in and out of his chair by himself and decided that these chairs wouldn't be any more difficult to get in and out of than any other chair.

I shared my discovery with Jay. I described it to him in detail and then said, "Or we could just get a plain wooden table," hoping that he would think that was a terrible idea.

But he didn't.

"Maybe we should get a plain wooden table. We don't want to spend a lot of money on a table that's just going to get huge gouges in it when he plays with his spirograph."

Spirograph! I hadn' t thought of that at all. And then thoughts of No. 2 pencils and crayons running off the edge of the paper began flooding my brain. And errant streaks of glue from art projects. And gashes from scissors.

A glass-top pub table? What was I thinking?

So we went to K-Mart and got this. It was originally $220 but had gone on sale for $150. The sale was over but someone had forgotten to remove the sign with the new price, so we got it for the sale price anyway.

Bring on the spirograph, the writing utensils, the glue, the scissors! And maybe one day I'll start thinking like a parent.


Darby said...

Too funny! Yes the things we need to do for our kids! When we moved into this house there were parts of the carpet that were stained and coul duse replacing. We quickly decided that there was no use in putting new carpet in a toddler house! :)

anna said...

Ahhh yes. We have a horrible, ugly, in some regards nasty kitchen table. It's old, the chairs are falling apart and yet everytime I go to look for a dining room set I just see it as a waste of money at this stage. I buy a nice table cloth and hope that my guests don't mind rotting chairs.

Though your set (if it comes with the chairs) is in the price range of what I was thinking as reasonable.

We now have carpet under our kitchen table and I hate it!!! I never realized how messy we all are~! :) Thank goodness the carpet has natural spots on it and 409 carpet cleaner actually works!

martha said...

Oh, the things you can destroy with a spirograph!

Laura said...

Do you know what works well to clean up food dropped on the floor by a toddler? A dog. :) We couldn't do without ours. Allie is never far away when Tyler is in his high chair.

I want to replace the butt-ugly carpet in our house badly. We couldn't afford it after we bought the house, and now Greg is using the same arguement to try to persuade me to wait until we're done with kids. For now it's working.

Amish Oak Furniture said...

Oh be prepared for worse. My 16 month old has a new found passion, drawing.... walls, tables, floors, you name it...

Jennifer said...

Hey, that's the table I'm buying for my new house! Noelle is older now and not so destructive, but since my house is the neighborhood hangout, I figure why waste the money. Plus, I think it's a very pretty, sturdy set for the price!

Jenny said...

We did the same thing -- except our set came from Meijer -- for pretty much the same reasons. Mark already decorated the walls next to his "little" table, but there's no worry at the kitchen table (when we can find it under all the junk).

TLS said...

One word: IKEA.

Josh and I recently discovered nirvana at our brand new Boston outlet. My God, they have everything you need to furnish a house and it is all dirt cheap! (And they are environmentally conscious of the materials they use).

We went shopping for a table to fit in our very tiny kitchen and were amazed at the whole Ikea experience. Think we found is a great folding table that we can keep folded to move in the kitchen and unfold to sit at during meals!

Mary Beth said...

Our carpet is fine, but we have a couch that we bought when we first got married almost eight years ago. It's really comfy but has faded about 10 shades from its original color. It has stains all over it and is really heinous. But why am I going to buy a new couch just so it can get more toddler stains? I'm not!


The closest IKEA is 6 hours away. Most of the furniture we have is actually from IKEA (dining room table, my desk, couch, chair, bedframe...) so if there was one nearby we would've definitely shopped there. :(