Friday, November 18, 2011

Blogging from NYWC--Friday, Part 2

I have eaten more meals by myself in the last few days than I have in the rest of my life put together. But I think it's good for me. I'm so used to being with other people and enjoying distraction that it's probably a good way to stretch myself. I don't think I would have been ready for it had I not had the retreat experience with Mark. Yeah, we're on a first-name basis now. If we're ever having a conversation and I casually mention "Mark," you'll know who I'm talking about.

I'm a sucker for a sale, so I dropped an obscene amount of money in the bookstore before lunch because, you know, it was only 10% the whole selection until 1:00pm.

Just trying to be a good steward and all.

Then I had lunch. By myself. Here. (I had breakfast by myself too, for the record)

And then I had a problem. To go to Tony Campolo's lecture or to Kara Powell's lecture. It's a good problem to have, really, because there's no wrong answer.

Just for fun, here's the text conversation I had with Dan, my Senior Pastor.

Me: Do you think I'd enjoy Tony Campolo? Or would he not be my thing?
Dan: Ooooooooo! Don't you DARE miss him!
Me: Yes sir. Is he Methodist?
Dan: American Baptist. With a PhD in Sociology. Wonderful tradition-challenging man.
Me: Oh, then he's not some crusty old conservative. That's good.
Dan: No - neither crusty nor conservative.

So my mind was made up. And, again, it did not disappoint.

The lecture was called Recasting Theology for Postmoderns and most of what he said can probably be found on his website and in his book, both titled Red-Letter Christians. He is funny and wise and I think I may be just as crazy about him as I am about Mark Yaconelli.

After the lecture, I ran down to the bookstore to buy Red-Letter Christians, because now it's become a challenge to get a picture and autograph from each speaker I hear. He was
surrounded by a bunch of high school and college-aged students who wanted to talk more about the early church and pacifism. And then, bless him, his handler made him stop talking and leave.

But not before I shoved my book in his face.

Dinner was at Mary Mac's Tea Room, mandated by the boss man. I ate chicken and dressing that would make you smack yo' mama. And then I chose poorly which street to take home. But I'm alive. And now considering whether to be done for the day or to rally for a chance to see Lost and Found. But I sure wouldn't leave my room until I finish listening USJ trounce Knoxville-Webb in the state semifinals!

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