Sunday, November 20, 2011

Blogging from NYWC--Sunday, Part 2

So, I don't regret not having gone to any of the Big Room sessions, but I'm sure I would have really enjoyed them had I gone. The multimedia components of the sessions were a riot--YS is nothing if not masterful with multimedia. There were Scenes from the Youth Van and Youth Ministry Boot Camp that were true enough to real life to be pee-my-pants funny. Although I promise I didn't.

We started with Propaganda (a spoken word artist) and went directly to Superchick. They're not

my favorite, but I really do like Stand in the Rain.
Then it was time for Kenda. *Cue chorus of angels and the warming of my heart, Wesley-style.* She talked about the National Study of Youth and Religion and the church's need to reclaim its missional imagination. And that lady preacher got a whole Civic Center full of youth workers and youth to holler Amen! She was brilliant. Have I mentioned that I love her?

And the only thing that might have been better than that was David Crowder. I think it takes a special artist with a special heart to show the lyrics of all of his songs so that the crowd could sing along, and that's just what he did. In fact, he occasionally stopped singing so that we could. It was really fantastic.

I had been trying to figure out all week what to get the kids. T-shirts get ruined too quickly, and they have too many anyway. Blah, blah, blah. So I got them each a David Crowder CD, and when I told Joshua that I had heard the real singer of "How He Loves" sing "How He Loves," Joshua's head almost exploded.

Heading back to the hotel, I found myself walking next to a professor at Asbury Seminary who had been on the panel that I attended yesterday. It was nice to be able to pick his brain some more and swap kid stories. I got back with just enough time to eat and purchase download cards. Yes, one more stop at the bookstore to buy cards to use to download MP3s of some of the speakers that I missed. The people at the bookstore assured me that they were closing soon and that the temptation to purchase would no longer be ever-present (22 pounds of books, people. 22 pounds.)

One final session and I was off to the airport. It wasn't the most helpful session I went to, but it was a good way to close my time there. One of the last conversations I had at NYWC was with a woman that had also been in the Spiritual Retreat with Mark Yaconelli. We both shared that we were probably ready to go home but wouldn't have hated one more day. My problem was that I was starting to get a little anxious about picking the "right" seminars to attend and thus potentially missing something crucial in another seminar. Enter the beauty of the $6 MP3 download.

I arrived home to find all of my people intact and happy. I was too.

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