Friday, November 18, 2011

Blogging from NYWC, Friday

Oh, yes, there was more on Friday, but this time it wasn't quite so brutal.

Today Mark asked us to spend time reflecting on
someone we love dearly, to imagine ourselves filled up with love, and then to turn that overflowing love onto someone that we really don't like. Then we got clay. Once again, the profundity of the experience is lost in words, but this is what I made. I made it for Jay. I don't have it anymore, but I took a picture of it so I could tell him about it.

Afterwards, we sat around the floorpiece again, and took turns placing our clay symbols at the foot of the cross. As we did so, we were welcomed with a hug and the words "Welcome Home."

It was funny, but when it was finished, most of us didn't want to leave. We had been out to the lobby the use the restroom or to get a cup of coffee and it was so loud and busy and swirly. We wanted to stay in the dark and the quiet and silence--the outside felt so unholy,, so not sacred.

But I left, remembering what Mark said, "God is an ordinary experience."

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