Friday, November 18, 2011

Blogging from NYWC--Thursday, Part 3

There were three huge things that struck me.
  • I was amazed when, over and over, I heard people name the fear that I was going to name--often even using the exact same words. Every single person in the room had some profound fear or longing--even though, by all appearances, they had it all together. While I was sad that everyone had such deep fears and longings, part of me was relieved that I was not the only one who felt exactly the way that I do.
  • When we finally all sat down, Mark asked us to picture ourselves with Jesus outside at night, sitting with him like the disciples would have. And I thought for a second if it might be that just sitting in the presence of Jesus would have mended all the broken places in the disciples; if just being there with him just somehow healed up the wounds like the phoenix tears healed Harry's shoulder. And then I realized that of course that wasn't the case. But the profundity was that even in their brokenness Jesus was happy to sit there with them and call them friends.
  • Mark reminded us several times of the compassion and vulnerability of Jesus. He talked about how the compassion of Jesus makes Jesus willing to sit at the very bottom of our pain and brokenness and wait. And that when we're not willing to go there--when we stay out of our pain and choose not to look at it (and he certainly wasn't judging us for choosing not to look at it) we often wonder where God is. But when we descend into our wounded, we find that Jesus has been there all along, holding it himself and treating it tenderly. So even though it hurts, maybe we don't need to be so scared about going there. Because that's where Jesus is.

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Mercedes said...

Thank you for posting about the compassion and vulnerability of Jesus -- I will be thinking a lot about that. Glad you are having fun!