Friday, November 18, 2011

Blogging from NYWC--Friday, Part 3

So, I rallied.

Actually, I wanted to hit the Exhibit Halls for some swag.

Little did I know...

I got a ticket when I walked in the door. The cutie that gave it to me said that they would be giving away prizes every quarter hour. And when she came through the exhibit hall at 10:15 (about the time Evening Prayer started, which I had planned to attend) I followed her and her bullhorn to the back corner where the giveaway was to be held.

And I won an iPad2.

And then I hung around the exhibit halls some more and decided to stop by and see if Lost and Found was still playing. And they were.

And I bought their stuff. And they indulged my photo desire.

This totally cracked me up. It was on the Message Board at the Conference. You know, So-and-So meet me at Starbucks for coffee at 1:00, stuff like that. This was my favorite.

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