Thursday, March 29, 2012

What Happened After What Happened Next

Looking back on it, Jay started acting a little funny on Saturday. In fact, on Friday he was already saying that he felt a little "space-y" and that he wasn't really comfortable going home. But everybody shrugged it off as exhaustion and suggested that he just get some good rest.

As soon as we got to my dad's house, Jay went directly to bed. He didn't sleep, but he did rest, and I thought that was great. He made several comments to the effect that he felt like he had no "filter," and he needed me to help him make decisions. He would have me screen emails and texts to make sure they were appropriate, and I received several texts from him during the night on Saturday night. He kept thinking of things he wanted to talk about but was afraid he would forget, so he texted me. I was sleeping in one guest room with the kids while he was in the other guest room, and I didn't have my phone with me, so I didn't think anything of it.

On Sunday morning I went to church with my dad and the kids, but I was a smidgen uneasy about leaving him alone given his own concern about his impaired judgment. I texted him during the service to see if he was OK and he replied that he was "thinking." I sent him a video of the congregation singing the doxology, and when I came home he was watching it and getting teary. I hung with Joshua and Clare for a little while longer and then took them halfway to Jackson to drop them off with Jay's parents who had gone back to Jackson on Saturday night. When I got back to my dad's house, I asked how Jay was. Dad said that he had stuck his head in the room a few times and Jay was awake every time. Thinking.

Jay and I packed our things and went to our temporary apartment. All was well except when we got stopped for having expired tags. But we survived that ordeal with a warning and got settled in. My mom brought over a lasagna and some rolls. Jay and I sat together and ate. We talked a lot about the new perspective we each had as a result of the surgery and shed some tears.

Then we went to bed in our new place. But we only got one night.

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Anonymous said...

Mary Beth & Jay,
Have held you all in our prayers daily. Have loved getting to read about your journey thus far! You'll be so glad you did this one day! I kept a journal for the 7 weeks 3 days that Patton was at LeBouehur (no blogs in 1996!) and I treasure it. I would have forgotten so many details without it! Love and blessings to you! PLEASE let me know if there is ANYTHING I can do for you!
Pam Carothers