Friday, March 23, 2012

It All Moves Very Fast

The next night didn't allow for much sleep either. With meds scheduled every four hours and going to the bathroom taking a really long time, sleep doesn't exactly come easily. Although I have to say that I did sleep through one trip to the bathroom and then felt really guilty for sleeping so soundly. I have mother ears. I should be able to hear someone cough into their pillow from the other side of the hospital.

Lots of things happened today. In no particular order:
  • My cousin's wife Amanda (let's just call her my cousin, too, for sake of ease) came in bound and determined that Jay was going to walk. And walk he did. Once with a walker (which he eventually picked up because he was tired of hearing it squeak) and once without.
  • My mom brought me breakfast. Yum.
  • Jay had two of his drainage tubes taken out. He's has a pretty high tolerance for
    pain. In fact, his very first colonscopy was on my birthday several years ago. He wanted to be able to enjoy my birthday dinner without having residual effects of pain meds, so he just told the doctor he didn't want any. But those drainage tubes hurt. Badly. He stopped the doctor from removing them and got the nurse to push some pain meds through his central line. They didn't help at all. I've never seen him in such agony.
  • The transplant pharmacist came in to do a LOT of medication education.
  • My friend Amanda brought me a frappucino and visited with me for a bit while Jay rested.
  • My dad stopped by to take me out to dinner. Just before we left, Jay wanted to go for a jaunt around the unit, and we all walked along. The nurse found us along the way and told us that we were moving across the unit to the step-down side. So we headed back to the room and packed up the stuff. Turns out the new room is the sweetest one in the house. It's the largest, and has an amazing view of West End. And the construction right next door. It was like a bonus prize for an engineer.
  • Dad and I did eventually get to go out for reubens at Noshville. Yum. I heard music for the first time while we were out, and it made me cry.
  • I spent a lot of time on the phone looking for a corporate apartment to rent after Jay is discharged.
One of the most amazing parts of the day came when my dad dropped me off from dinner. I was walking through the main waiting area when I heard someone say, "Hey! Hey!" It was the wife of a man who was going through transplant evaluation at the same time Jay did. Her husband was in surgery at that very moment, and his surgeon was the same as Jay's. We had a happy reunion and I talked her through some of the things that I wish I'd known. It turns out that he was third on the Type A list right after Jay. Things that make the heart happy.

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