Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Start of it All

When Jay's transplant evaluation was finished, we waited. We waited to find out if the surgeon felt that the risk of cholangiocarcinoma was too great to go through with the transplant, and when we didn't hear from him, we waited to find out if Jay would be listed. We found out on Ash Wednesday that Jay would be listed, and the next day we found out that he was actually third on the list.

The next week (March 5) Jay had some labs done because the hepatologist had put him on a diuretic and wanted to see what, if any, effect it was having. When those lab results went to the hepatologist, Jay's MELD score was recalculated and we got a call on Thursday (March 8) saying that Jay was first on the list. I walked around that morning in a daze. I got out sheets and towels for my in-laws who we knew would come up for the transplant. I packed my bag. I cleaned the toilets. I folded the laundry. All while waiting for the phone to ring; Vanderbilt calling back immediately to let us know that a liver was ready. But it didn't happen. In fact, it didn't happen for so long that it was time for Jay to get his labs done again (March 12). This time, his MELD was still a 26, but he was second on the list. We relaxed out of full crouch mode and finally exhaled.
Second on the list! Well, if he didn't get it for the week that he was first on the list, then we were certain not to get the call anytime soon!

Last Monday (March 19) Jay went to get his labwork done, did some work around the house, and went to Nashville with his mom (his parents were visiting for a long weekend) to spend the night because he had a regular appointment with the hepatologist on Tuesday morning. I stayed up late to watch basketball and read, and I had only been asleep for an hour or so when the phone rang.

It was one of those moments when you're asleep and something happens in the deep recesses of your brain. I woke up thinking that it must have been the phone that woke me, but I couldn't be sure. I stared at the phone and dared it to ring again. It did. With a 615 area code. Of course I knew exactly what it was.


"May I speak to Jay?"

"He's in Nashville tonight because he has an appointment with Dr. Perri in the morning." (I'm glad it was someone from transplant because anyone else would have thought I was a lunatic)

"This is Sherry, one of the transplant nurse practitioners and I'm calling to offer him a liver."


Montana Dave said...

Now you MUST finish the story!

Jim Lipsey said...

Best. Phone solicitation. Ever.