Friday, March 23, 2012


Sherry reminded me of who she was and assured me that she was also groggy, as the doctor had awakened her to let her know that a liver was available. So we made a little small talk until both of us were a little more with it. She told me that she needed to let me know that the donor was consider high-risk because his girlfriend was a former prostitute, and wondered if I wanted to talk to Jay about that or whether she should have the conversation with him. I suggested that she have that conversation since I knew Jay would have lots of questions for her. She also said that the doctor offered to talk to Jay, too, if Jay had any concerns. I assured her that she could reach Jay by cell phone, hung up, and promptly called Jay on said cell phone. Jay doesn't sleep much these days, but when he does, he does. Turns out that the phone actually woke up his mom. Jay missed the call but called Sherry right back. I was just calling to make doubly sure that he had answered.

Meanwhile, I woke up Jay's dad and told him that there was a liver, but maybe not to wake up too much since Jay hadn't yet given the thumbs up. Pretty soon after that, Jay called me and a quick conversation confirmed that we were both interested in moving forward.

He headed out to the hospital with his mom while Jay's dad and I prepared everything at home. Dave hit the button on the coffee pot, I loaded up the pre-packed bags, we got the car started, and then we went to get kids.

Now, in my head, the kids would transfer to the car without waking up, sleep all the way to the hospital, transfer into the hospital, and sleep until their usual wake-up time. But we all know that didn't happen. They were awake--but as quiet as mice--all the way to the hospital. Clare mentioned that she couldn't get "Little Bunny Foo Foo" out of her head and Joshua wanted to know if his absence from school would be excused. And if I had remembered to bring their toothbrushes.

Meanwhile, Dave and I chugged the carafe of coffee as we zoomed down I-40.

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