Friday, March 23, 2012

More of the Longest Night (Because One Entry Wouldn't Be Enough to Cover the Longest Night, Would It?)

Then the respiratory therapist came in to make sure the extubation went smoothly. And it did. I can't imagine being extubated while awake, but Jay was a champ.

To be honest, I don't remember much after that. I remember that I stayed up for awhile to talk to him about the day, and to watch Patrick work his magic. And then I went back to sleep.

The next day? I got up just before the liver team made their rounds to tell Jay that he looked amazing, and at about 7:00am I texted my mom that she could come over anytime, and I let Jay's parents know that they were welcome to come too. Then I took a shower. Because I was grody. Again Patrick with the towels, shampoo, and toothbrush.

My mom brought the kids who got exactly 5 minutes to be with Vati before I made them leave. I was as nervous as a long-tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs with them in there. There were way too many tubes, wires, and staples for them to be there. And besides, they were much more interested in the fact that the couch turned into a bed and that I slept in Vati's room. Jay's parents visited. My dad stuck his head in. David and Amanda and Becki came by and entertained my babies in the waiting room. My mom gave me half a loaf of banana bread that ended up being my breakfast. And then I sent Joshua and Clare packing back to Jackson with Jay's parents.

Joshua was ready, of course. He had a contract at school to complete, for heaven's sake, and he'd already missed two days of school. Clare, however, was none too thrilled about leaving either my mom or me. She had had over 24 hours straight of love from Gran, and was not going to give up easily. So as we took her down to the car she was in absolute hysterics. When I loaded her in the car she was a basket case, and as I walked away from the car I could still hear her.

I asked her on the way to the car if she would like me to call my friend Gina and have Gina come over and love on her. That seemed to be a good idea. But when they arrived in Jackson, she called and was still in hysterics. Turned out she had actually slept in the car and only tuned up again when she got home. But then Gina the Great showed up to play and deliver food and all was well. It's good to have a village.

Meanwhile, the nurses took out several of Jay's lines, including two that went from his neck into his heart (Ick!), and encouraged him to sit in a chair. He finally made it although he didn't look to comfortable. His other accomplishment was to drink sips of water. Baby steps.

They also took out his catheter, and the anaesthesiologist stopped by. He told Jay that the hardest part of the surgery was taking out his old liver. It was so huge that they had difficulty removing it, despite the fact that the incision was almost from one side of his belly to the other. Wow.

Jason, also an important part of the village, brought over leftover Famous Dave's from his daughter's birthday party, along with lots of veggies and other yummies for lunch. While Jay drank water.

But not for long! On Wednesday night he got broth! And jello!

During that day, two of
his surgeons came in (it took three to do the surgery), as well as his hepatologist. Everyone was impressed with his progress and reported that his labs indicated that all was right with the new liver so far.

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Christine said...

I'm keeping up on line. I'm not commenting, because I totally suck like that. But I'm keeping up, Mary Beth! I really want you to know that. You stole my heart a long time ago, and I can't seem to stop caring about you. <3

Yesterday Michael asked what I was reading. "Mary Beth's husband, Jay, had his transplant. She's my friend - the Methodist pastor chic." Then I paused. "Um, yeah. That I've never met." I was talking about you as though we had lunch last week.

So, to recap: my silence has been the exact opposite reflection of how much you've both been on my mind and heart.