Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Break (Part 2)

Finally, after what seemed like forever, Dr. Iqbal came in to see Jay. He commented on how beautiful she was, and what a wonderful day it was. He couldn't tell her what was wrong because there was nothing wrong in his world. In fact, he kept repeating over and over that "I'm just messin' around." Dr. Iqbal said that Jay would be having an ultrasound to see if the liver was working properly, and then told me that his ammonia level was normal. That was a real relief after Mr. Foot-in-Mouth Paramedic's inspirational story.

Meanwhile, he kept telling me to look behind the curtain in the room because that's where Joshua and Clare were. Over and over again he insisted that all I had to do was look and they would appear. He was finally transported to ultrasound where I got to see his beautiful new, smooth liver. I was so disappointed that Jay was so delusional because, in his right mind, he would have loved to have seen it too. When the ultrasound room door opened, Jay said, "Hey guys!" I asked him who he was talking to, and he told me that Joshua and Clare had been waiting right outside the door.

Back to the ED we went, and the nurse attempted to give Jay his normal medications. He smelled them, he smiled at them, but he didn't take them. I'm not sure how the nurse and I managed to convince him, but he finally took them. And insisted that he was "just messin' around."

He was transported to a room on 10 South and became absolutely and completely non-compliant. He wouldn't eat, he kept getting up to leave, and he became uncharacteristically and uninhibitedly amorous. Fortunately, that was only with me. I had visions of him trying to get the nurse into the sack with him, but I was the only thing on his mind.

My parents both came to us, but the more people that surrounded Jay, the more agitated he got, and the more often he'd try to stand up and leave. Sometimes I could get him back on the bed by insisting that he was being disrespectful, but that didn't always work. He really wanted to dance, so sometimes I could dance him back to bed. But what we really needed was some Seroquel. And the nurses let me me put my rollaway bed between his bed and the door so I could block him in.

Later in the night, after Jay was horizontal and had stopped trying to get me to be horizontal with him, my friend Dolly came by. Our moms have been friends since the beginning of time, and I used to babysit Dolly. Now she's a Nurse Practitioner and married with two kids of her own. Her appearance was a total surprise, but as soon as I saw her I threw myself on her and sobbed like a baby into her shoulder. I told her how scared I was and she told me that she understood. And she did, because not long ago her husband went into complete renal failure. He recovered quickly, but she understood my abject fear. We talked for a little while. Jay remembered who she was and who her husband was, which made me feel a little bit better. At least his memory wasn't gone. She left with promises to bring dessert the next night and I went to bed.

First I crawled in bed with him (a hospital bed is really too small for that nonsense) and rubbed his head until he went to sleep. Then I got in my own bed and tried to sleep, but Mr. Manic laid awake for most of the night babbling. I would look over occasionally and tell him to close his eyes and be quiet. He would do it for a second and then start yammering again. It was like getting a three-year-old to sleep.

And I thought that was the worst part.

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